Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Now if only I'd heard this last week...

Great speech. He did a far better job than anyone else actually explaining the "bailout." Sounds more like a loan to me. This is a fine piece of oration, IMHO.

Unlike (apparently) most people I am not looking forward to Thurs. I think Biden will do great, but everyone's expectations of Palin are low that it'll be considered a victory if she just doesn't choke. Which she won't do. She'll just regurgitate all the lame prepared talking points in a very forceful and indignant manner. A style that seems to appeal to the low on intelligence crowd.

So anyway. Obama bring it home next week, baby!

UPDATE: I forgot to mention - listen to what he says around 22 minutes in about helping college grads pay off loans. AWESOME.

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