Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Baby taking her time

Well we've had an anxious couple of weeks with the midwife telling us she's surprised we haven't had the baby yet, etc. It's hard not to be able to plan much because you don't know if you'll be in the hospital tomorrow or not.

So anyway - we're ready anytime - to have this kid, just waiting...and waiting...

Yes - I am ready to have this baby. Yes, I am uncomfortable. Yes, we wish we knew when, too. No we don't know why we haven't already.

As a general rule, BTW, if you know someone who is due to have a baby and they aren't scheduled to have a C-Section or be induced, don't ask the WHEN they are going to have the baby. It's just annoying. I've been very surprised how many people ask me that and actually expect a time frame or something. It's quite strange.

So instead of questions, just offer your support and say, hang in there or you're looking forward to meeting him/her. That'll do just fine. :)

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Patrick Swayze & Chris Farley - SNL, 1990

The sad news about Patrick Swayze's cancer has prompted blogs like Gawker to post clips of what they consider his more memorable moments in pop culture. I had to watch and laugh again at this clip from Saturday Night Live when he hosted in 1990.

One thing that struck me was how effortlessly Kevin Nealon, Mike Myers and Jan Hooks (that is her, right?) were able to keep even a hint of amusement off their faces during this. Classic.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

New Morgantown Kroger is bigger than WV!

According to today's Daily Atheneaum, Morgantown, WV is now home to the largest grocery store on the planet!

While they modestly say that that it is only the largest Kroger in the state, the quoted size of the store is, by far, larger than any store, anywhere.

(Thanks to Steve for showing me this gem!)

Here is a jpg of the story from the paper:

Here's what they say:

New Morgantown Kroger bigger, greener
Kendal Montgomery, Photo Editor
Link to original story at www.da.wvu.edu

Covering 86,000 square miles, the largest Kroger in the state promises more specialties and “greener” business.

Located in the Suncrest Towne Center, the new store is, as Kroger spokesperson Carl York said, “geared toward the total food experience.” It has expanded in virtually every aspect compared to the other two Morgantown locations.

The concept is that the bigger the store, the more specialties customers are now looking for. There is a larger supply of organic foods, including beef, chicken and pork. The store has a full-time wine consultant to aid customers in choosing the right wine for a certain meal. It also has a larger natural foods section, a walk-in beer cooler, a drive-through pharmacy, a fuel center – the list goes on.

Aside from all of the new perks, Kroger is also striving to be environmentally friendly. The roof has 50 skylights that can cut electrical use by one-third on sunny days. They have high-tech heating and lighting control and bathrooms focused on conserving water.

“Customers will note the ‘green’ impact in the store. We believe our customers will appreciate the extra expense that Kroger has invested in this store,” said store manager Allan Sustakoski.

Though major investment was put into this location, York maintains that there are no plans to close the other two locations, and both are doing fine despite the new store.

“We look at growth and take a logical stance as to where the people will be. Morgantown is the right place to build. Our Patteson location is so busy that it needed relief, and we felt that the town could hold another store,” York said.

The store has provided around 150 new jobs for the area.

“There is nowhere to go but up. We’re very proud of what we’ve done,” York said.

York anticipates the city to reach out and provide transportation for students and members of the community without vehicles. He assures that the area’s needs are understood and that it is as much meant for the students as it is the community.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

U2 3D: Unlike anything else you've ever seen at the movies.

Last night Steve and I went and saw U2 3D. I was so blown away. It didn't take me very long into it to decide that it is the most amazing thing I have ever seen in the theater. I've liked U2 since I (like most people my age) heard of them when Joshua Tree came out. I loved everything did after that and am one of those rare U2 fans who even liked Zooropa and Pop - which I loved for their uniqueness and I loved that they were trying new things. Anyway...

This film has probably ruined all concert films and real concerts for me forever because it was perfect on so many levels. I've never seen anything that made me feel involved as a participant AND spectator in the way they were able to film this. It was like being an invisible band member and fan at the same time. The camera work on stage is so achingly intimate at times it is overwhelming. But then the camera turns to the audience and you suddenly feel minuscule amidst a sea of 100,000+ bodies.

The show was filmed in Buenos Aires. The stage itself and the sheer number of people present is beyond anything I've ever seen. I am convinced that seeing it this way was better than actually being there in person.

Musically the numbers were perfectly executed (of course). This format breathed new life into songs that I've heard hundreds of times before.

the only thing that might have made this even better would have been seeing it in an IMAX theater where it was intended to be shown. Regardless, it was an exhilerating experience and I can't recommend it highly enough.