Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ian Brown has a new album!

I just love the former Stone Roses singer's solo works. He just released his 5th studio album since 1999 and I just found out about it today.

He's not the most technically talented singer, but there is something about his voice (probably the heavy Mancunian accent) and musical style that I just love and can listen to over and over.

His lyrics are also lovely - at times bizarre, sweet or mysterious.

Anyway I'm just thrilled that there is another album out there that I can enjoy. Hopefully I'll catch him in concert someday.

Ian Brown's Website

Video: Ian Brown - Illegal Attacks

Video: Ian Brown - Sister Rose

Thursday, November 01, 2007

what is home?

This is a question I am struggling with at the moment. This past year I have been helping my mother work to find a new home closer to where my husband, daughter and I live and sell our childhood home. "The farm" as we have always called it is in a quiet, precious little valley on a dirt road in southern Preston County. It has always served as my definition of home. It was what I thought of in long lonely nights thousands of miles away in Europe...or even just a 35 miles away in Morgantown as an undergrad. I'm still not sure how I am going to define "home" in the days after the sale of "the farm" is final. I mean one of the reasons I fell in love with Steve was because he always wanted to live in a place like that. After it became apparent that our needs, careers, finances and abilities were not compatible with the farm we had to sacrifice the idea of living there too. After we moved, I realized that I would just have to let go - and that perhaps mom would too.

The house was a money pit and an endless strain on our family, but the location...the woods, the field, the hills, and streams I am sorry to lose. The choice was clear though - I mean why should my mom continue to struggle and try to manage the unmanageable just to keep this piece of land? She's spent the past 35 years trying to stay above water and put up with a lot of inconvenience just to get by out there. I'm very sad to see it go, but I have to acknowledge that this was a necessary change.

I'm hoping that after we adjust, this will be a positive and liberating transition for her - as well as the rest of us.