Friday, January 26, 2007

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rough week

We've had a hell of a week. I think the only thing worse than dealing with a sick baby is both parents being sick at the same time and the baby not being sick.

Monday Kira had a fever and we figured she wouldn't be allowed at daycare, so I stayed with her at dad's while Steve was at work. I had to teach that night, so I had to be in town. Steve doesn't have much sick time built up either, so we need to be frugal. Anyway about mid-way through the day I started to feel my throat getting sore and a headache. I called Steve close to the end of the day and he was feeling pretty ill, so he was going to leave early. By the time he showed up I was starting to have chills. He walks in and his lips are pale and he looks like he feels awful. So it's obvious by this point that we're both sick - him more than me. I go to teach and feel progressively worse.

On the way home we both feel even worse and the chills get even more severe...especially for Steve. We decide to get some cold/flu medicine at the store just in case. By the time we pull in the garage and get out, Steve can hardly hold anything he's shaking so bad. He goes in the house first and Kira and I follow. I drop Kira off in the living room and make a pit stop. When I come out I ask Steve if he ok and I hear a pitiful "No."

He's huddled on a chair next to a radiator with a blanket around him shaking and obviously pretty freaked out. At this point, I'm feeling pretty bad, too, but Steve is way worse off than me. We take our temperatures his is 101.5, mine 100.9 and Kira's around 97. So I do my best to try and reassure him and make him comfortable and usher Kira up to bed. She's a little freaked out too, but goes to bed without a fight.

We both take flu medicine and hope for the best. I bring an air mattress downstairs for him to lay down on, but he's afraid to move. Soon after, Steve gets even more sick, vomits and fights chills and nausea almost the entire night. I try to get in a few winks on the couch, but wake up with severe chills at 3 am. I go to get another blanket and on my way back I start to hurt all over and feel like I am going to pass out. I drink some water, but quickly vomit it up. Amazingly though, this acutally made me feel a little bit better, but my throat is more sore than it has ever been and my mouth is incredibly dry.

We make it to early morning (I think 4 am) and Steve is able to pull himself upstairs to get Kira who has woken up a little early. I can't hardly move.

Needless to say Kira was not happy to be relegated to the pack-n-play while we tried to sleep some more, but she finally went to sleep again.

By 8:30 it looks like the worst had past, but we still felt really ill. We went to the dr. and found out we had strep throat and had maybe caught a short-lived GI virus on top of that.

So I ended up with 3 days off of work, but it was really rough. The only thing I could think of aside from "I hope Steve just has a bug and it will pass" was "how are we going to take care of Kira if we are both sick?"

I think it is the first time I have felt powerless as a parent...I'm sure it won't be the last, but it was a very upsetting.