Thursday, October 19, 2006

current debates in the web world

One of my daily reads is Eric Meyer's blog. Today he talked about the debate currently going around on what makes web designers/developers "professionals." Many of us in the web development world have encountered this problem and in following the links from Meyer's blog, I read another designer's post (Jeff Croft) that described a personal history so very similar to my own I wondered how many of us there are out there in the same boat.

Another blog (D. Keith Robinson) had questions about the possibility of starting a peer-based network of professionals which sounds a lot like the structure we have with our state's web developer's group (SWIG). I think it would be wonderful to have a nation-wide group, but I think that already exists in pockets. I, personally, would like a to be a part of a respected professional organization, though.

Public Relations professionals have PRSA, graphic designers have AIGA and other professions have unions or associations that respresent them. I think Web Designers and Developers deserve something on that level as well. The trick is making sure it is highly regarded and worthwhile to its members.