Monday, August 28, 2006


Link of the day: Overheard in New York

Just found this site. Funny.

Birthday fun

Friday I turned 31. Yee haw! The day started off pretty well. Bryan stopped in to say hi on his brief visit to town. We got to take him by to see Kira at dad's and have lunch.

Later my family and I went out and had a pretty good time. Steve, Kira and I went to Hibachi Japanese Steakhouse with Andy, Hannah, David and dad. The food was great and it was fun to watch the show of the chef making our food in front of us. Kira was a little weirded out by the fire I think, but loved the sushi rice!

After dinner dad took Kira to his house to watch her while the rest of us went to see Snakes on a Plane. It was great! I read review that said it would be the most fun you'd have all summer, and I'm inclined to agree. It was pretty durn fun. Ridiculous at times, and it'll startle you from time to time, but very well done for such a silly premise. One thing that struck me was that most of the things that happen weren't completely implausible...well I guess I should say that if they are, I don't know.

Anyway...It was a grat time and I am very happy my family could come out and hang with me on my birthday.

My only regret about the day is that Amy couldn't be here to celebrate too, but I am sure they had a lot of fun anyway in the UP. =) We miss you guys!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Steve pointed out that what I wrote in my previous post about his newfound employment at OIT sounded like I was still at entry level pay and annoyed that he was working here. He is the same paygrade as me, but I have years of service that make my pay a bit higher than entry-level. Any "annoyed" tone was that I've not been offered a higher paygrade at any time in the past 5 years. Of course switching jobs 3 times hasn't helped. ;P

With a higher paygrade comes more responsibility usually, so I am not eager to take that on yet... at least until I get the Office of Information Technolgy website redesign completed.

I am also very happy to have him here. I know he likes the people he works with and I really like having him close by.

The house loan through WVHDF is not going through, so we're doing a regualr mortgage through Centra Bank. It shoudl all be in order, but I haven't heard yet whether the loan officer got the title search stuff from the attorney or not. If not, I'll be pretty annoyed. They were supposed to have done this weeks ago. If so we may be able to close in a couple of weeks.

Fingers crossed!

aliens love firefox too

As a web designer, I am frequently annoyed that no matter how hard I try to design a site that looks good in all browsers Internet Explorer always displays it differently.

I thought this was a pretty cool endorsment of a far better browser. If you aren't using FireFox rather than IE, download FireFox now and never look back.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


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We're just waiting for news of when we're closing on the house. The appraisal came back last week at $106,000 and we're good to go. We are very eager to get in our new house, so we just hope we hear something soon. We're waiting to hear about the WV Housing Development Fund first time homebuyer's loan that our loan officer wanted us to go ahead and try applying for.

The thought of our commute being cut in half is quite appealing. Steve looked at the clock this morning and commented that we'd already be at work about a half an hour into the drive.

Steve started his new job this week and Hannah has been babysitting. We're so happy that Hannah can help out these first couple of weeks. After that mom and then Andy will help. We've been able to enroll Kira in a daycare center here in town starting Sept. 18. - right after she turns 1.

In the midst of that WVU's classes will be starting again on Aug. 21 and I'll be teaching again on Tuesday evenings but only until 8.

So..right now I feel like it is the calm before the storm. I wish we could get the house sorted out before the semester starts but I don't guess that'll happen. Fingers crossed though!