Thursday, June 29, 2006

update on other stuff...positive thoughts please

We found a better house. Much better. It is about 10K more than we were going to spend, but it is SO worth it.

Steve is interested in any wedding photography shoots (or any other event) as well as family portraits or any other photography job you may be interested in. He is an excellent photographer and if you are interested just give him a call at 304-265-5424 or on his cell 304-216-0405. You can also email him at

If you'd like to see *some* of his work, he has a few photos on Flickr at

He has lots more and has covered a few weddings.

Hannah lands job at Morgantown High School!

I am happy to report that my sister Hannah has landed a fantastic position at Morgantown High School as their new Drama/Speech Teacher. MHS has never had a speech team like we did at Preston High and think she'll be a wonderful asset to the school. I am extremely happy for her. That particular type of post is very hard to come by in this state and to have found one in the town she already lives in is real really fortunate.

Congratulations Hannah!!


We saw Superman Returns last night and we loved it. They did a great job of updating the story, Superman is gorgegous and the cinematography is fantastic. They did a better job of infusing humor without being too corny than the old movies.

I'm not a comic book fan and really only know about superhero stories from the movies about them. I did really enjoyed this movie, though, and I thought it was well done for the genre. I think Superman fans are probably pretty happy with it as well.

Monday, June 26, 2006


They turned down our bid.

Steve doesn't want to bid much if any higher since we need to get the place rewired, and completely redo the kitchen and bathroom. I can't blame him, but it is so frustrating to me because the house is in the perfect place and has a lot of potential. They just seem to want too much for it in its present state. I figure someone else will swoop in with more money and get it. Oh well.

stomach churning

We made an offer on a house in Arthurdale Saturday and we're awaiting word as to whether or not they accepted. The place needs work, so we bid $10,000 under the asking price, but it is very new on the market and in a desirable area. It is really cute and I am dying to know whether or not we'll be able to get it.

It is driving me crazy. I'd become pretty resigned to not being able to do anything about a house anytime soon and this little place popped up.

So...fingers crossed!! Here is the house: