Friday, November 18, 2005

My new job

November 30, 2005 will be my last day at the WVU Center on Aging where I've worked for the past 2 years. I will start at the WVU Office of Information Technology as a Web Developer on Dec. 1.

I've really enjoyed working with Maria, Sherry and Jessica and the others at the Center on Aging. I've worked on so many projects and have been extremely pleased with our efforts on the WVSeniors Project especially. I'll be sad not to see them every day, but I am looking forward to the challenges and experience my new position will bring.

I'm looking forward to working primarily with web design and development again. I've found that those skills get more difficult if you don't use them regularly. I've also been so busy with other projects and aspects of my position at the CoA that I've not had time to continue to learn and keep up with Web design practices. Since that is what I consider the primary focus of my career, I felt this was the best move for me.

I have to say, though, that I would not trade the past two years for anything, though. In working with Maria, I have learned so much more and really had a wonderful opportunity to hone my skills in public relations, project management, community outreach and media communications, grant writing, etc.

But - time to move on. I think Kira & Steve will also appreciate the fact that the new job's location shaves 20-30 minutes (if not more) to my commute. The parking situation is also a lot better. (I won't complain to much, but let's just say the parking at HSC and access to the Center on Aging building leaves a lot to be desired. Readers can fee free to comment, however.)

I will miss having my own office, though. That is one nice thing about working in a trailor. We all have our own rooms. I assume it will be back to cubicle land - we'll see.

That's all for now. Harry Potter comes out this weekend and next week is Thanksgiving, so there will be much more to do and post about later - most likely on Kira's Blog.


Monday, November 07, 2005

Goodbye Corolla, Hello Matrix

I wanted to wait & post this until I had the photos, but we got a new car! We decided that with the baby, we needed something that was just a little bit bigger than the Corolla. Mom has a Matrix - essentially the mini station wagon version of the Corolla - so we got one too. It also has some handy features we really appreciate, like the front passenger seat folds down and makes a handy table to change baby diapers. It also has an AC outlet so we can plug in a laptop or anything else that we need to charge.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Zzzzt and a whiff of ozone

The power came back on Sunday around 5:00 p.m. Good thing - it was really wearing thin and we'd pretty much written off everything in the refrigerator. The freezer - we think - was ok thanks to Todd Moser's dad letting us borrow his generator for a night.

Speaking of Todd and Amy. We said goodbye to them Monday night (Oct. 31) as they are moving to Michigan to start a new chapter in their lives. Amy got a great job and they've been wanting to go back there anyway.

Steve and I are happy for them, but it is really really hard to be ok with friends we've become so close to moving away. We've know them for almost as long as we've been together and they've been such great friends. (TAMY - I know you guys are reading this! We miss you already, dammit.)

I could continue to lament...but I just need to keep in mind that the only difference is that we can't hang out at the spur of the moment (which honestly has been hard since we've all been so busy) and we can't just drop by when in Morgantown. (What's Steve going to do??)

Selfishness aside...I am excited for you both. We look forward to getting Reports from the U.P.

Keep in mind though, that people often can't resist the call of the hills and eventually just have to come back...home. =)