Thursday, August 25, 2005

Waxing philosophical on turning 30

Today I'm thirty years-old.

It is weird feeling to hit these milestone birthdays and you are really forced to assess the last ten years of your life or more. I feel far more unsettled this birthday than any other. I'm sure everyone feels this way when they turn 30, so I will not presume to assume that my thoughts are relevant in any broader sense than coming to terms with my own - apparently - deep unease with this date.

My twenties were really good to me. I did a lot of what I wanted to do with my life in those years and I'm pretty proud of that. I've really tried to make my life one that I look back on and say to myself that I am happy with how it's been. Making the minutes count.

When I turned 20, I was living at 50 Anderson Place in Morgantown - the bottom floor of an old house behind a church and a parking lot off of Spruce St. My friends and I had a "Pimp & Ho" party that night and a bunch of people came over to hang out. It was a lot of fun. I had a terribly ugly pink (2 shades of pink) polyester dress that I wore and some of the other people dressed up too. Who was there...? Dawson, Azweem, Jason, Crissy, Bryan, Tyson, Holly H.,...I think Chris Haase and Natalie were there (on a visit from Wisconsin) too! I miss all you guys. Whitney were you there? I can't remember...Later parties, yes, but not sure about that one.

In January of my 20th year, I went to Germany and traveled around Europe. This set a lot of things in place for me, event though I do absolutely nothing with German now. I gained a whole new perspective on my life and resolving to make sure to experience things while I can.

I have to mention here that I wish british Bryan Thyer a very happy birthday as well as today is also his 30th birthday. Bryan was a friend on mine I met in Germany and by some strange coincidence had the same birthday and year as myself.

Speaking of friends with the same birthday...My dear friend Amy ALSO has a birthday today! It is great to share the day with such a wonderful friend. We actually met on our birthday 7 years ago. The Violent Femmes were playing in Morgantown for FallFest that night. (Whitney I know you were there then!)

Three years ago on our birthday, Amy and I were sitting on the porch of the house in South Park where Steve and I were living, drinking a bottle of wine and my neighbor across the street came home. He greeted us and we told him we were celebrating our birthday and he exclaimed "It's my birthday too!" and brought us a special bottle of wine that his friends who own the Forks of Cheat winery make. The label featured a painting that my neighbor had in his house.

OF course, you also know that today is Sean Connery's birthday...I think August 25, must be pretty dang special. =)

But yeah... my 20s...

After I came home from Germany, started doing web design (age 21), started consulting on my own (age 22), met Steve, graduated, got a real job, visited Europe alone for 4 weeks (age 23), got married and took a trip to Iceland, Germany and the Netherlands with Steve (age 25), started grad school while working full time (age 26), helped move Steve's parents cross-country then moved Steve and myself home with mom (age 27), changed jobs AND started teaching (age 28) pregnant/having a baby (age 29-30).

Not a bad run.

What do the next 10 years have in store?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Baby shower Friday

It turns out that my post on Friday was a bit premature. My co-workers threw a surprise baby shower for Steve and I Friday afternoon! I had no idea they had planned this. I have pictures that I'll post, too. It was really great. I haven't had a surprise party since my ninth birthday - so this was awesome. Maria and Sherry put together the event, but I think everyone was involved somehow. I must be pretty easy to fool because they couldn't believe that I had no idea what was up.

We played some fun games...far more fun than you'd think. I think if you throw a baby shower, the games are definitely important. You just have to make sure they can be played by everyone. These games were hilarious. The first game involved an ice cube with a miniature baby frozen inside (sounds creepy, I know) but the ice cube is placed in a cup of water and the first person whose baby comes out of the ice cube says "My water broke!" and he or she gets a prize.

Another one was a Scattergories type game where everyone (but Steve and I) made names out of each of the letters of our first and last names (ex: for Sarah = Sally, Alison, Rachel, Abby, Hannah).

Then we played a game where they'd put things that smelled in diapers and we had to guess the small for each diaper - which was a little difficult since diapers have a small too. It was pretty funny to watch everyone sniff diapers and pass them around. Then they passed around unlabeled baby food and we had to guess what kind of baby food it was. I wasn't very good at either of these games.

We were also given some really wonderful gifts. I've got a kind of classic Winnie the Pooh theme going with a lot of the baby's things and most of the gifts reflected that. Very nice. I feel a little more prepared than I did before. I was just so blown away that they threw this party for me.


Monday, August 22, 2005

On the way home - James Ray's field

Samantha in a sweater

Samantha in a sweater

This is just a test to see if posting pictures on blogger works. Isn't she cute?

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday before the WVU Semester begins

Every year Morgantown enjoys a brief respite that reminds people what it is like to live in a normal town without a huge university. Sadly, each year that respite comes to an abrupt end on a Friday in late August. Today is that day.

A town as small as this one should not be so difficult to drive in. In June you can get from one side of town to the other in 5 minutes. Around August 20th that becomes 20 minutes and parking vanishes.

Oh well. There are a lot of things that make this town nice and a lot of that revolves around the university, so generally overlooking the inconveniences of traffic and parking during the school year just has to be done. You'd think they'd try a bit harder to make these issues less of a problem though. I mean the university has been here since 1867 or so.


Weekly Dr. appt. for the baby this morning. I'm 36 weeks and measuring 38 cm (which is about 2 cm over for the week I am at. I guess if it is over 3 they get concerned, but as is it's ok.

I had a new Dr. today - which was kind of weird. I expected it to be a little, but it was odd that they kept asking me things that I've gone over with the other 2 Drs. I normally see. He (and another Dr. I had not met before were asking questions like whether or not I had gone to counseling for the gestational diabetes and if I was following the recommended diet. should say that I went to counseling in my file and I am pretty sure they can note what I am eating since I write it down every day. I was just kind of annoyed by that. If they had questions about what I was eating, why didn't they just tell me what they didn't understand or what wasn't clear from my log? My blood sugar numbers have been quite good overall and the baby is going to be a larger kid, but not outrageously big. Steve and I have expected the kid to be large anyway...we both were and our siblings were as well.

Then I had a NST (Non-stress test). They hooked me up to a machine to test the baby's heart rate and movement. This makes sure the placenta is still doing its job - a concern with GD 'cause sometimes it can just stop before the baby is ready to come out. The interesting thing about this test is that the baby has to be moving at some point during the test, but sometimes the kid is sleeping and not moving at all. Well, this was the case this morning and the lady giving the test said we could use this buzzer/vibrator thing to wake her up. Seemed innocent enough. She put it on my hand first, so I could feel it. Not a big deal. When she put it on my stomach....BAM! The baby jumped more that I have ever felt her jump. She must have really been startled! It was kind of funny. I told Steve I need to get one for him so I can make sure he gets up some mornings.

So next week I have another appt. and with a different doc. It is good to meet them all, but it is kind of weird to meet new docs this late in the game.

That's it for now. Hopefully I will be able to post more soon.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Dueling blogs

Well, today my brother Andy finally started his blog, so I decided to go ahead and start mine too. Andy's will, of course, be a lot more interesting because he is actually visiting/living somewhere cool and new this year (Germany), but I'm just gong about my daily routine. =)

So anyway...ummm...yeah...this is my blog.

So maybe I can provide a better account of what is going on here for him to check out. Or maybe this will be a total bore. Remains to be seen.

Since this is a first blog posting, I'll provide a little background.

My Name is Sarah R. Barnes. I've been designing websites since 1996 - and actually my first website was a kind of personal account of , ironically, some of the highlights from when I was living in Germany. I had just returned from Germany in 1996 when I started working for a small local Internet Service Provider (they had just gotten started). Soon after I started I started playing with designing webpages. Hmmm..maybe I can find that old page and post it here? That might be fun.

I work full time for the West Virginia University Center on Aging as a "Program Manager." That title means they didn't really have a title for someone who works on web stuff as well as public relations stuff. I am also working on a Master's degree in Journalism and teach a class for the WVU School of Journalism. I also maintain a modest consulting/design business with my husband, Steve.

Steve is the love of my life and an awesome husband. He respects me and cares for me and isn't afraid to tell me how he feels or what is on his mind. He is a fantastic guy and I am really lucky he found me.

We're expecting a baby girl in a few weeks. Right now I am 35 weeks and 7 days. 4 more weeks to go!

I'm not ready, but I've been told (and I have to assume this is true) that no one is ever ready.

That is probably enough for now. I hope I have time and remember to keep posting.